Food & Spirits


The Project

Eat, drink, and be scary.

Throughout the course of history — dating back to Mesopotamia and Hammurabi’s Code, man has been gathering in pubs and restaurants to eat, drink and socialize. Early roadside inns quickly became a fixture of society, as travelers needed a place to eat, drink and rest.

Today people still come together at their favorite restaurant or bar, to enjoy a good plate of food and a cold beverage. To socialize: sharing stories of personal triumph and sadness. To laugh, to cry, and to celebrate life with the toasting of a glass. Restaurants as gathering places are the very backbone of our society. These establishments often become as much a part of people’s lives as their own homes, and in some cases… something even more.

In death, do the sprits of patrons and proprietors sometimes haunt these places so near and dear to them in life? Join us as we go in search of the connection between FOOD & SPIRITS.

Steven Addair – Executive Producer
Peter M. Green – Executive Producer
Marley Gibson – Executive Producer
Patrick Burns – Executive Producer